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Dinner. They were breathing heavy and their bright eyes were wide open. My lord, the tribute collectors are here, said one of the young men. From Mexico! For a brief moment, the faces of the chiefs actually went pale. Now!? How many? asked one of them. Five, my lord. We have to go. The chiefs looked at Marina. Please explain to you lord that we must tend to the Mexicans. They will be expecting a strong welcome from us. The chiefs hustled off to greet the tax collectors. They ordered their servants to decorate a large guest room with flowers and cook up plenty of food for their visitors from Tenochtitlán. We continued our meal with the frightened Fat Chief until Moctezuma's tax collectors were led into the square towards the large guest homes. Cortés stood up from his mat as the visitors walked by, expecting them to greet him as well. The Mexicans were taller than the Totonacs and had lighter complexions. Their robes were long and elegant. They also wore decorative stones through their noses and lower lips like the locals. apartamente de vanzare bucuresti Their long hair was gathered up on apartamente de vanzare bucuresti top of their heads and glistened apartamente de vanzare bucuresti with some sort of scented oil. They wore decorative headbands of painted leather that supported intricate featherwork around their heads. Wide rings were embedded in their apartamente earlobes. They held large red roses to their noses, breathing in the fragrance as they passed by the rank Europeans. They walked with crooked wooden staffs, looking like a series of Indian Gandalfs. Each tax collector had servants walking around them swatting away mosquitoes and flies with fringed strips of leather. They walked past Cortés without taking one glance at the Spaniard. They showed absolutely no interest in the white men which must have burned Cortés up. Several other men draped in embroidered cloaks walked behind the Mexicans. I was told they were some of the chiefs from other Totonac villages. It was pitiful to see how they groveled and bowed to the tax collectors. They hovered around the Mexicans until they had been shown to their banquet room where their food was being served. So these are the Mexicans that create such havoc and fear among the locals, Cortés said to Alvarado. A different breed, to be sure, said the lieutenant. Certainly not as easily impressed as the others. Early days, my friend. When the tax collectors were finished eating they sent a messenger out into the courtyard demanding the Fat Chief and the other caciques meet them in their room. We waited patiently outside, killing time, milling about the courtyard and exploring the other buildings nearby. Several minutes later the chiefs returned. The Fat Chief was last to return since he had to be helped by two of his strongest servants. He was like a sumo wrestler with bad knees. Every step made him wince. His corpulent face jiggled so much when he walked some of the soldiers apartamente de vanzare bucuresti started referring to him as The Trembler. The local chiefs spoke first to Marina and I translated for Cortés. He says they were scolded for letting us stay here because now the Mexicans will have to speak to you, and apartamente de vanzare bucuresti apparently Moctezuma did not want that to happen. These chiefs weren't supposed to give us food or gifts or anything. Interesting. What's Moctezuma's fear, I wonder, said Cortés, mostly to himself. The chiefs continued to speak, and the Fat Chief began to weep again. Marina listened to the chief speaking and then turned to me. Tell the General that Chief Chicomacatl will need to offer the Mexicans twenty